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No. No, damn it, this wasn't supposed to happen. I was just watching frickin' Arrow on Netflix. It's not great, but it's interesting and the guy's gorge and I'm weak, okay? I got to the end of season 1 and then Netflix kicked me back to the home screen and I saw the ad for some stupid Netflix original cartoon called "Bojack Horseman." It looked like just another stupid gross half-hour animated comedy. But I like anthropomorphic animals, epecially horses, and apparently I'm a little kid again when animal characters are my thing, so I clicked on the damn thing.

And it's stupid. It's not even good. The first few episodes are downright gross at times. But... but it's got a story. It's growing into an actual narrative, and the characters are becoming people. It's kind of genuinely funny, sometimes, actually. And it's got more anthromorphic animal characters than just Bojack. In fact, I told myself that if they do that thing I hate where they pair the male anthro character with only conventionally hot human women, like on fucking Family Guy, I was going to WALK. But they didn't, there's lots of anthros, male and female, and they make jokes related to what kind of animal they are. Like, the "black sheep of the family" is an actual black sheep, or when an Aryan Nation gang contains hairless cats and white rats with pink eyes. Because I am a LAME ASS who digs ANIMAL PUNS and GAH they're actually giving everybody DIMENSIONS and I'm starting to CARE and WHY DO I LIKE THIS SHOW!!?!?!


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