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This is a piece from the very far future of the Mrs. Hawking story. Based on Bernie's suggestion, there will eventually be a break in the relationship between Mrs. Hawking and Mary. Despite how much they mean to each other, their differences will make them grow in different directions, and they will have to figure out how to resolve them before they can ever work together again. This is from that period during the break, after Mary and Arthur have gotten married, and she helps him with cases behind the scenes.

Do You Miss It?
by Phoebe Roberts

MARY SWANN, secret society avenger
ARTHUR SWANN, her husband and a police officer

ARTHUR: By Jove, Mary! You are a wonder!

MARY: Not bad, then?

ARTHUR: Not bad? Sometimes I wonder how I got on without you.

MARY: I wonder what your brother officers would say, if they knew.

ARTHUR: If they knew how much help you were to me, they’d make you an inspector yourself.


ARTHUR: Do you miss it? Working cases, helping folks the way you did.

MARY: Oh, I’ve far too much to do now for that.

ARTHUR: That isn’t what I asked.

(MARY sighs.)

MARY: I suppose I do. I was terribly pleased when we managed to be of real service to people in need. And there’s something so very satisfying about picking apart a real puzzle. I’d become ever so good at it then.

ARTHUR: You’re ever so good at it still. But… that isn’t the lot of it, is it?

MARY: Arthur.

ARTHUR: It’s all right if you miss her too.

MARY: It was the right thing to do. I couldn’t stay there anymore.

ARTHUR: Might be so, love. But that doesn’t change how hard it was to leave her.

MARY: I suppose. But there’s no going back. So why talk about it?

ARTHUR: Righto. I only hate to think you’re unhappy.

MARY: I’m not, love.

ARTHUR: But you might be happier still.

MARY: Well. If that’s the case, I shall have to manage it from the place I am now. Nothing to do but move forward.

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