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Second to last one! This one is spoilery for my larp Brockhurst. Bernie and I found the ending to the one run we've had so far to be interesting, and we're toying with the idea that it's the canon ending, more or less. This goes according to that.

As Sisters Should
by Phoebe Roberts

CLAUDIA BELLAMY, first daughter to the earl of Brockhurst
ABIGAIL BELLAMY, second daughter to the earl of Brockhurst

CLAUDIA: I've just heard it's been confirmed. Christian is now legally heir to the earldom.


ABIGAIL: Don't look at me like that. It's the law, Claudia.

CLAUDIA: Oh, yes. Aren't you fortunate it turned out in your favor.

ABIGAIL: My favor? It has nothing to do with me.

CLAUDIA: Come off it, Abby. The law demands evidence and cause, and you spared no effort to see that the burden was met.


CLAUDIA: And are you satisfied? You've seen that you've taken away everything that was to be mine.

ABIGAIL: I can't help what I found, Claudia. What should I have done? Concealed it, so that you could maintain your comfortable place?

CLAUDIA: God forbid you want anything good for me.

ABIGAIL: Why should I, Claudia? Because you've been such a good sister to me? You mocked me, you dismissed me, you made sure I stayed in the shadows, so that I couldn't take up even the smallest ray of your light. After a lifetime of that, why should I do anything for you?



CLAUDIA: What can I say, Abigail? You're right. We've never been as sisters should. We can't change that now.

ABIGAIL: We can't change anything now.

CLAUDIA: So all that remains is what to do.

ABIGAIL: And what is that?

CLAUDIA: I don't know. I've never had my life taken from me before.

ABIGAIL: Don't be melodramatic--

CLAUDIA: But one thing is certain. I won't be staying here.

ABIGAIL: I said, don't be--

CLAUDIA: No. You've won, Abigail. You have what you want. But I'll not hang about to watch you gloat over it. You may have taken this, sister, but you'll not have the rest of my life from me.


CLAUDIA: Who knows? Perhaps I might have been wasted here in dull old Yorkshire. Wouldn't that just burn you so?

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