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A stab at an opening scene for the Cabin Pressure fan fiction! It's pretty horrible, but hey, it means I'm finished! 31 PLAYS IN 31 DAYS 2014!!!!! Yay!

Now I go sleep.

Vibrant Rays of Sunshine
by Phoebe Roberts

TRUDY CADWALLADER, the client’s fiancee
ARTHUR SHAPPEY, Carolyn’s son and the flight attendant
MARTIN CRIEFF, the captain
DOUGLAS RICHARDSON, the first officer

DOUGLAS: Morning, Arthur.

ARTHUR: Morning, Douglas!

DOUGLAS: Has anyone else arrived?

ARTHUR: Well, Skip's doing the walkaround, but--

MARTIN: Save it, Douglas, whatever your nonsense today, I don't have time for it!

DOUGLAS: Duly noted. How about Carolyn?

ARTHUR: Mum's here too, but--

CAROLYN: Douglas, if you are thinking about starting with me today, let me thoroughly disabuse you of the notion.

DOUGLAS: Consider me disabused. I see everyone's just a vibrant ray of sunshine today.

ARTHUR: Thanks, Douglas, I do my best!

DOUGLAS: Oh, except for you, Arthur. You are not so much a ray as a pure concentrated laser beam. So what's got you more unpleasant than usual, Carolyn?

CAROLYN: Oh, it's just the clients for today. We're flying an engaged couple to his parents' anniversary party at their summer home in San Tropez.

DOUGLAS: Taking a pair young lovers to a joyous occasion in a tropical paradise. Sounds absolutely terrible.

CAROLYN: I just hate flying newlyweds. Or, almost-to-be-weds. Or any sort of proximity to-be-weds.

MARTIN: Oh, yes, that kind of joy, there's just something oppressive about it.

CAROLYN: They're irritatingly silly, they're impossible to talk to, you have to wait for them to get through their embarrassing displays in public. To say nothing of what use they make of the restroom!

(Voices can be heard approaching.)

ARTHUR: Mum, I think they're here!

CAROLYN: Ah, yes-- hello! Welcome to MJN--

CLIFF: I swear, Trudy, that girl wouldn't leave me alone!

TRUDY: Of course she wasn't, you were practically trying to shove that twenty quid down her blouse!

CLIFF: What kind of tosser doesn't tip the waitress?

TRUDY: What kind of tosser bribes the staff to make him feel like a big man!?

(Their voices taper off as they move through.)

CAROLYN: As I was saying... right this way...


DOUGLAS: On the bright side, Carolyn, it looks like you won't have a problem.


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Sep. 2nd, 2014 09:01 pm (UTC)
Congratulations to you
I haven't had as much opportunity to sit and read as many of these this year as I have in the past but I've enjoyed what I've read as always and congrats on completing the challenge. Go you.
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