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Further costume armor adventures

I finally got around to buying paint, and that meant I could continue with my costume armor. I spray painted my breast and back plates with a color called "hammered metal silver." To further create the effect of actual metal, I used bronze acrylic in a dry brush method all over it. I was pleased with the result. I'm actually a half-decent painter when it comes to effects.


Next I used gold puff paint to make designs to resemble embossing. I honestly am not super happy with how I did here. My ability to create images, particularly with the unfamiliar puff paint, was far from satisfactory. I did the best I could. The back came out better than the front, probably because I stuck to abstract shapes on that.


Then I joined the plates at the shoulders with more hot glue and brass rivets.

In the thrift store I found a gold chain belt that consisted off several lengths of chain spaced out between oval "coins" with fleur-de-lis on them. With wire benders I broke this into two sections, one with two coins and one with three. The two-coin section I used to make a clasp for the purple cape, hot gluing it into place. Then I glued snaps on the breastplate and onto the back of the cape clasps to hold them on.


The other section I glued to the front of the breastplate. I decided to let the detached chains dangle freely; I think I like how that looks.


The only thing left to do for the breastplate is figure out the cinch at the waist. You'll notice how it's bowing out on the sides here, as I didn't bother to pin it to the form. What I think I'm going to do is thread a leather belt through slits in the front and back plates and buckles on the side. That way, it can fit me closely but not necessarily only be fitted to me, and it might be possible to use in the costuming for She Kills Monsters.

I'm liking how it's turning out! Even with the rather badly drawn embossing.



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Sep. 30th, 2014 06:42 am (UTC)
I'm looking forward to seeing how the whole costume looks when finished!
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