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Getting through the crunch and stress

So much work today. I need to get the two costume breastplates for She Kills Monsters in such as a state as I can bring them in and make them fit the kids who are wearing them. One of them is mostly there, the other one hopefully I can get to that point in the next couple of hours. Thing is, I'd rather not worry about painting them today, as that's not necessary for fitting, but it usually makes more sense to paint before I try to attach any of the closures, so as not to cover the closures with paint. But I can't fit without closures! Blargh. I may just have to attach them and them cover them with painter's tape or something. That means making more work for myself in the future to save myself some work now, but I'm on a time crunch. :-P

Also I just decided to start posting my Cabin Pressure fic. I need some positive feedback of some kind to get me through my current stress, and that's a fairly low-stakes way to do it. I'm just going to post one scene a week, which will force me to finish it but not only too high-pressure a deadline. My piece, which I'm calling "San Tropez," is now posted on my profile on An Archive of Our Own, and will be updated on Mondays.

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My name is Phoebe. I'm Boston area theater professional and English professor focused in writing, acting, directing, and modeling. I'm known for having lots of interests, lots of opinions about those interests, and a very high estimation of the value thereof. This blog is for talking about whatever's on my mind, from my daily life to my activities to musing on any number of abstract topics. Thanks for taking the time to read.

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