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After auditions for Mrs. Hawking

Well, I held my last-minute and somewhat impromptu auditions for Mrs. Hawking at Arisia 2015 tonight, and I had a decent number of people signed up to read. The bad news was that about half of those people just didn't show up, despite requesting audition slots. Which honestly irritated the heck out of me. But the good news is I got just about enough to cast. That's ultimately what matters, but if I hadn't been lucky enough to see almost entirely solid people in that massively reduced number, I'd have been in real trouble.

I plan on having the list finalized by Friday. I still have to figure out where I'm putting certain people, but I'm fairly certain I know who I want to use. The only thing is I could use one more man for a small henchman role. It would still be speaking, but it would be minimal rehearsal. I'm not too worried about it, as it's minor enough that I could probably find somebody last minute to step in and it would be fine, but I will need to iron that out.

Thank you very much to those people who did audition, and I'm excited to debut the cast list for the very first performance of this play.

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