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She Kills Monsters costuming snaps

Now that the show's concluded, I thought I'd share some of the details from the costumes from She Kills Monsters. Photos by John Bogle.


These are the three female adventurer PCs in the party. The human paladin lead and the elf are wearing the armor I made. The lead is also wearing a white tunic of mine under a beaded one-shoulder dress over leggings and boots. I really liked the overall effect of that look. The elf wears my riding britches and a dress I cut to create that high-low hemline. The demon barbarian was specified as a battle-bikini Red-Sonja-type in the script, but I didn't want to put a teenager in an excessively sexualizing costume she'd be uncomfortable with. I think this, made of a found costume breastplate, a leather skirt, and badass boots, is a good compromise. I didn't try to hammer it too hard, but you can also see evidence of my longstanding costuming preference for differentiating characters in a group by color for easy visual identification. The colors don't mean anything, but I like that they're separate that way.


This is Orcus, a demon lord of the underworld who's kind of checked out on the job. We consciously did not go with how this play is typically costumed for most characters, but I just thought the look of the red devil in his jammies to be too funny not to do. The actress playing him (who was extremely funny) wore a red zentai suit, a white tank, boxer shorts, oversized slippers, and a hood with ginormous red horns.


This is Farrah the fairy with Agnes, the other lead and the older sister of Tilly. Agnes just plays herself in the D&D world so she doesn't ever wear anything but her street clothes. Farrah's costume was leftover from a production of A Midsummer Night's Dream, plus a wings and a flower crown. She had to conceal these knives on herself, so she wore my garter belt under the dress so she could have them tucked away.


Here's Chuck, the DM. I just love his aggressively '90s red plaid jacket. And he's wearing Bernie's "Carpe DM" T-shirt underneath it.


This is Lily, the person on whom the PC Lilith the demon barbarian is based on. Again, the babydoll dress with the tiny florals on a dark background really sells the '90s aesthetic. I was lucky to find that, it was so perfect.


This is Vera, the guidance counselor and Agnes's best friend. She's wearing almost entirely my clothes-- the blazer and skirt are things I still wear, but again. '90s!


Here are the demon cheerleaders, a cliche of angsty teenaged D&D mods. I cut up their tops to reveal slashes of red, spray painted them, and splashed red nail polish all over them. Wings and blood smeared on the mouths finish the effect.


Here is the narrator, serving up Galadriel realness. Another one of the handful of nods we made to how this show is typically costumed. I like the white robe with the gold cloak with the actress's white-blonde hair.

That's not the whole show, but those are the bits I was most pleased and proud of. Not too bad, especially given how many super fast quick changes these costumes had to be able to endure!



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Nov. 18th, 2014 03:53 pm (UTC)
That looks amazing! The costumes are so well thought out. I especially love the first pic of the adventuring party.
Nov. 18th, 2014 03:57 pm (UTC)
Thank you for saying so, I'm glad you like them!
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