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Intercon O signups tonight!

I almost forgot in the flurry of activity surrounding my show, but tonight Intercon O signups open at 7PM! Here is my current plan.

I am running Brockhurst, mine and Bernie's Downton Abbey-inspired WWI-era historical larp, set in the Breaking History universe that also contains Mrs. Hawking and The Stand, on Friday night! I hope you'll sign up if you haven't played. Or, if you have and nothing else appeals to you in that slot, I'm looking for GMs to help me run it! Let me know if you're interested.

I am also running Her Eternal Majesty's Privy Council for the Continual Funding of the Mad Arts and Sciences, the council-style horde larp parodying the steampunk subculture I helped write with AE Games, on Sunday morning. A very funny, silly game, which I never saw the first run of it, so it will be fun to finally witness how it goes!

I would like my first signup to be for Spring River, the latest offering from AE Games. I always enjoy their work, so I'd be excited to play it. Unfortunately I may not be able to be near a computer at 7PM when things open. I've asked Bernie to help me if he's able, but we'll see. Fingers crossed that I can get in one way or another!

That might be it, I'm not sure yet. I wouldn't mind a light Intercon, but I'm open to the possibilities. :-)

Don't forget to sign up! What are you hoping to get?

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