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At 7PM the second round of Intercon signups go live!

I'm going to shoot for the Saturday afternoon run of The Return to Gray, a post-WWII small-player-count historical larp written by twilighttremolo. It sounds very interesting and intense, and I know of at least one person I'd like to play with already signed up for it. It's only got a handful of slots, however, so I'd better be quick on the uptake.

Brockhurst, my Edwardian/WWI-era Downton Abbey-inspired game running Friday night, currently has four players out of a total of nineteen. I'm hoping it will fill this round, but we'll see. I'm confident I won't have any trouble ultimately having enough players, but it's validating to see people eager to play. Hell, Resonance, which I'm not running but for which I was a writer, is also running Friday night, is on its eighth run and still managed to max out in the first round. :-) Her Eternal Majesty's Privy Council on Sunday morning only has one player so far, but silly Sunday games always are people's last concern.

Intercon also needs more games, as the con is growing in attendance and it's harder to have enough player slots. So if you could bid your game for Intercon it would be greatly appreciated! Running a game is a great way to enjoy yourself in a timeslot where no other game appealed to you, and it gets you a comped membership to the con!

Otherwise, be sure to sign up tonight! Make certain you set your alarms!

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