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Tiamat head in my trunk

As I've mentioned, I costumed a production of She Kills Monsters at Dana Hall this semester. One of the coolest set properties in the show were the heads of the Tiamat, the final boss in the story of the play, made by Mr. Peter Watson, the technical director at Dana Hall. They were dragon heads on long poles, each individually operated by actors.


As they didn't see the need to keep all five, Mr. Watson very kindly gave me one of the heads after the show. They were so cool-looking I really wanted to keep one. I thought maybe I could find a use for a dragon head prop, given all the theater and gaming stuff I do. I chose the silver one-- nicknamed "Ben" by Eva, the girl who operated it --because I thought it might take best to repainting if I ever wanted to alter it to another color or look.


It's currently sitting in the trunk of my car, like a grisly dragonslayer's trophy. :-) At some point I'll need to write a game I can use it in. I don't know what it might be or how it might be used-- now is certainly not the time to be thinking about such things --but I think it's too cool a prop not to reuse.


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