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Tiara headband

I've taken to wearing my hair in these spiky headbands with large teeth these days. I first bought two of these to glue together make a sort of coronet for an Ancient Rome larp costume. I liked how the spikes sort of formed a tiara look. Then, later, I got a haircut, with the sideswept bangs I've taken to lately, but shorter than usual. I found the headbands in the drawer, picked off the hot glue, and started using them to hold keep those tiny bangs out of my face, since they wouldn't go back in a ponytail.

It works well to keep hair off my face, which is supposed to be good for my acne. If I put it in right, it can push the hair in front up a bit, giving a little bit of volume at my hairline. And if I angle it right, the spikes stick up and look like a crown. I've been wearing it a lot in the last few months, as it makes me look at least presentable when my hair's not cooperating. But I hope it doesn't come off as settling. I know I look my best with my hair down, framing my rather round face and giving it definition. I hope it actually looks good, and not like I'm going with something easy and practical instead of pretty. I am vain enough that I'm willing to go to a fair bit of extra trouble to look better.


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