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Most larpers have heard that story of when Don Ross got a whole cast apping for wizardry and romance in a game that had exactly one of each. In response, he eventually ended up writing a game called Young Wizards in Love, where everyone was a wizard with a romance plot.

Bernie and I cast the run of Brockhurst to happen at Intercon O today. It was actually easier than the first run, and I think we came closer to pleasing all the people this time. But as always, there are always clusters of players who all want, or don't want, the same thing, and it can be tough to make sure there are enough of the appropriate characters to go around. Apparently the game this particular cast wants to play is actually Young Childfree Pacifist Edwardians in Love, as everyone wants romance, to NOT have anything to do with World War I, and to not have to take care of an in-game baby.

The WWI thing, while frustrating, I can understand. I don't think I adequately describe what that plot will entail on the casting questionnaire. I think people think they will be playing a war game, which is totally not what it is. In reality that storyline is about making narrative choices that affect what happens on the front, which in turn affects the lives of the soldiers as well as the characters in-game. I know it's my fault for not explaining it well, but it's frustrating that something that has such a major thematic influence-- the MAIN THEME OF THE GAME is how the world is being blown apart and reformed because of WWI --seems to many players like a tacked-on mechanic.

The other thing, the fact that nobody wants anything to do with the baby, is less comprehensible to me. Both times, almost EVERYBODY has wanted NOTHING to do with this motherfucking baby. It is clearly explained that it is in-game only, as in not real, and will not take players away from interaction. It is a DOLL, and it barely even has any mechanics attached to it; it maybe needs the most cursory of attention once an HOUR. It's purely a narrative device. I can totally understand and sympathize with people not wanting to deal with real children because of disinterest or discomfort or something. But having such a strong objection to a babydoll while playing pretend for four hours? Do not get why it's such a big problem.


Nat Lathrop
Dec. 21st, 2014 05:02 pm (UTC)
For me, the issue with the baby was portraying it. You specified that it would not get in the way, but I thought I couldn't really play a character with a baby unless most of that character's attention was on the baby. Otherwise, the other players would see a guy with a baby he was neglecting, and react accordingly. When LARPing, I often want to drop everything and run around. Parents can't do that.

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