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How I did on my 2014 resolutions

God, I haven't written in so long. Hate when I do that, but the holiday time with family and other assorted busy times got me. But now's the time I review my resolutions from the previous years and see how I did.

This year was hard for me as it saw the death of my mother, and the recurrence of my depression. Not to mention the tragedies happening in America and the larger world. But I believe I rose to my personal challenges and handled them with a level of grace I am proud of. Let's check out how that impacted the things I wanted to do in 2014:

1. Advance my career as a playwright somehow. That's a pretty ambitious resolution, and I'm not exactly sure how to go about that, so I will define it vaguely as that for now. But I want to do something that I can count as an advancement of my playwriting career.

I would say this happened! I finally found a way to get Mrs. Hawking produced in 2014, which is a very significant thing for me as a writer. I am proud to say resulted in the upcoming Arisia production of Mrs. Hawking to be seen as part of the con, at 6PM on Friday, January 16th at the Westin Boston Watefront.

2. Keep writing. Write more things of any kind. I've been on a hot streak when it comes to content creation lately, and I want to keep up my progress.

Did this in spades! I wrote so many things! I improved my Vivat Regina play to version 4 and The Tailor at Loring's End to version 7. New pieces included Puzzle House Blues to version 5, and of course my Adonis screenplay to version 5, which is quite possibly the best thing I've ever written. Plus two larps, Privy Council and Brockhurst, my Cabin Pressure fan fiction, and lots of scenes! Check out the complete list of everything I wrote in 2014 here.

3. Get my submission rate up to a good number at regular intervals. The more I submit my pieces, the better chance I have of having them performed.

Heh, this is funny. My submission rate never rose beyond mediocre, but the fact that I got Mrs. Hawking a venue for performance marks the biggest success I've had at this effort.

4. Keep up my fitness level. I love being so strong and fit and want to maintain, even improve upon it.

Hell, yeah. I dance ballet two to three times a week, plus had an intense circuit workout once a week. I look great and my physical health has probably never been better.

5. Get my finances in order. My budget was knocked out of whack because of my period of underemployment, so I want to get that back in a respectable state, as well as deal with my loans from graduate school.

Eh. Not so much. I've been in a tighter place financially in the past year despite making more money than I ever have, and I'm not exactly sure why. Funding Mrs. Hawking has definitely not helped. Still, I covered my bills and I'm not in debt other than school loans, so I guess it could be worse.

6. Improve my sewing skills. This means a lot to me and I haven't made a lot of time for it.

Completely fell by the wayside this year. Just wasn't time given all my other projects.

7. Improve my ballet skills. I want to get past this seeming plateau I've hit.

Definitely! I not only moved past my skill plateau, I have noticeably improved and I'm very proud of that.

8. Read more books. I've read almost no books in the last year due to difficulty focusing for long periods of time. I want to have full-length books in my brain again.

Hmmm, sort of! In the first third-to-half of the year, I read more book than I had in ages. Mostly P.G. Wodehouse, which I was introduced to at that time. But as the year went on, I broke the habit again. So, while I definitely improved my book consumption for the year, I did not retrain myself to consume books regularly.

9. Be good to my parents and spend as much time with them as possible. This gets more important every moment.

I did good with this, and I thank God that I did. My mother's illness finally took her from us in May of this year, and while it hurts and has changed my life in so many ways, I feel secure in the knowledge that I loved her as best I could while she was still with me. And that she knew just how much she meant to me.

10. Keep working on being a kinder person, keeping my temper, and being less judgmental. I can never let this one go.

Every little bit. I keep trying, and I like to think I am slowly improving. It's easier when you're not depressed all the time.

And a bonus one:

11. Keep working on learning how to be hopeful. It's all that carried me in the last few years, and I can't let that go now.

Again, every little bit. This one I can feel working.

So I would say that I fully accomplished seven of these and partially accomplished two. If I give myself a half-point for each of those, looks like I earned an eight out of eleven! Not too bad, eh? For such a rough year, that's something.

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