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Problems solved by eating more

Blah. Felt yucky all week, physically at least. Not sure why, just a general bodily "off"-ness. Weird given how fit I've been, but there it is. I wonder if maybe I haven't been eating right for the level of activity I've had lately. I've been working out like crazy lately, with some added stuff like shoveling approximately 450 cubic feet of snow the other night. I know haven't been eating all that great. That usually only happens when I'm busy, or on occasions like recently when the snow means I haven't been getting to the grocery store and there's nothing all that nutritive in the house. Yesterday I was feeling so yucky and lazy I just had crackers for dinner, which I find comforting but ultimately gross.

Maybe I should be eating more than usual with all that activity, and I'm certain I haven't been getting much protein. I crave protein like a zombie craves brains; even non-animal sources tend to not make me feel as healthy. Normally neither of those is a problem for me but I think it hits me hard when my intake is down and my output is up. I don't have much in the way of reserves to fall back on. I got told by a doctor recently that my metabolism is actually fast enough that if I ever need general anesthetic, there's a real danger of my waking up on the operating table, so I guess it's not a stretch to think that I'd also be really sensitive to a caloric imbalance.

I'm busy tomorrow, so I may struggle through one more day of this if I can't get something healthy at work. Friday is pretty free, however, so that I will make sure I stock up on healthy groceries and get some meat into me. I'm a little tired of feeling yucky, but I suppose one can have worse problems than those that can be solved by "eat more stuff." Oh, no! My metabolism is SO FAST YOU GUYS. IT'S AWFUL. ONLY HAM CAN SAVE ME NOW.

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