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Festival signups open tonight!

The first round of signups for Festival of the Larps opens at 7PM this evening! I am excited to see how players make their choices. Remember that you have to sign up for the convention before you are allowed to sign up for individual events.

I hope some of you will consider playing in either or both of my two games, Brockhurst on Friday night or Woodplum House on Saturday morning. Brockhurst is a story-heavy narrative game of fairly standard form, set in a great house in Yorkshire during the First World War. Woodplum House is a light, frothy two-hour comedic game in a fanciful 1920s setting like Blandings Castle or the Jeeves and Wooster stories.

It occurs to me that other than the stark difference in tone-- Brockhurst, like most of the greater Breaking History universe to which it belongs, is a period drama, while Woodplum is a silly absurd romp --there is no reason why Woodplum could not be part of that same world. Heck, Woodplum takes place in 1922, less than ten years after Brockhurst, and in Shropshire like the Blandings stories, making it not difficult not to contradict anything in Brockhurst's Downton-Abbey-inspired Yorkshire. And nothing in the nature of the universe is all that different from anything that's possible in Breaking History. Again, other than the rather ENORMOUS tonal difference, there is theoretically no reason why Woodplum couldn't be devolving into freewheeling absurdity while Josie Jenkins is cutting it up in Chicago, or while the next generation of the Bellamys is working out their place in the changed world.

What am I going to sign up for, you ask? Well, I think I'm going to try not to take up too much space as a player, since the counts this year are a bit lighter than they've been in some years. But I would like to play Sky No Longer Blue on Saturday night, since I've never had the chance before. So that will likely be my action for tonight. Other than that, I may play nothing, or maybe I'll help fill a game that needs a player. We'll see how it shakes out!

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