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Quiet working weekend, status update

This weekend will be quiet for me, which will be good. I have no particular plans, and I'm fairly certain I will have the house to myself, so I think I will spend it at home getting things done. I really need to clean the place, get a little light exercise, and finish the larp I'm running at Festival this year.

Rehearsals for Mrs. Hawking began this week, and things went smoothly. Turns out it simplifies things when you already have the blocking worked out. Because of the holiday I have the whole weekend free, which is good for me, but we'll be getting into our regular about-four-days-a-week schedule on Monday. For me, I'm doing okay. I feel good working on a project I believe in and have high hopes for. I do well being productive, active, and forward-looking. The fact that a lot of this stuff necessary for production has been figured out previously makes thing smoother and easier.

The only thing I'm struggling with really is money. My finances have been a minor mess for a while now, and the costs of the last show didn't help. I'm expecting, because of not needing to buy nearly so much, that this next one won't be close to as expensive, but there's still no return on any of this. And there's already been a few expenses that weren't an issue last time around, like having to pay for rehearsal space. This is something I'm going to have to figure out, as it's starting to get serious. Not sure how to handle it yet. But I'm probably going to have to add in some other sideline just to bring a little more cash in.

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