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The last thing I played at Festival this year was Saturday Market, which despite the title was a light Sunday morning game written by natbudin. I was impressed by the fact that he wrote it by himself as an unofficial entry into the most recent Iron GM competition. It's a horde game about customers coming to a California farmer's market. I'll play anything Nat writes, so even though horde games tend to not be my thing, I wanted to give it a try.

Apparently I was the only person who signed up who was willing to be a character who spends the entire game high, so I did. At first I'd planned on going lower-key with it. I pulled up the hood on a ratty hoodie, wore a pair of sunglasses, and carried in a bottle of eye drops and a bag of salty snacks. But as I probably should have been able to predict, "subtle" pretty much went out the window as soon as I started talking. I actually think I gave a pretty good performance. I kept up a virtually constant barrage of stream-of-consciousness "meep and deaningful" musings on a number of topics that mostly managed to avoid cliches. I mused on life, the universe, and everything in sufficiently vague and ultimately meaningless terms, and I did not use, in any form, the term "expand your consciousness." But as I should have guessed, eventually I found myself staring into the void of existential angst and started raving, and when I yell for extended periods, it starts to give me a headache. That, combined with the need to constantly improvise more things to say, meant I burnt out hard after only an hour. I had to go lay down after that. Ah, well. It was fun while I lasted. People laughed, which was my goal. I am a performer, after all.

It's not a deep game, but I enjoyed it. Could use a little tweaking to give it a touch more substance, but I love an opportunity to just go off on the acting like that, and it definitely delivered. And that was my Festival! A varied, interesting one indeed. I hope everybody had as much fun as I did, and that we do even better next year.

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