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Bernie for tech week

Sigh. I am tired. Not to harp on it, but as I said yesterday, I get so burnt out running from one thing to the next. I have about a week and a half left before Mrs. Hawking goes up, and it's starting to feel like there just aren't enough hours in the day to get everything in place. To be honest, I'm probably worrying excessively, as a lot of things are already done thanks to the last production, but it still feels big.

This weekend I'm going to visit Bernie in Baltimore. It's not the best time-- I probably shouldn't be away for a whole weekend, and there's more important things happening in Baltimore right now --but his childhood friend is getting married and he wants me to come with him. It will be nice to be with him, as I haven't seen him since the last production, which was almost three months ago at this point. I really do miss him. We're also going to see Avengers 2, which I'm really excited for. If only to watch Cap rip apart firewood with his bare hands in a tiny shirt. I could use a little inspiration for Adonis.

After that, Bernie will come back up with me and help me with tech week. Having somebody to rely on to get everything done will be a relief at least. And the show's turning out well. I need to focus on that when I feel so burnt.

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