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Week five of endless rushing

Mrs. Hawking is finished, and I am pleased. We filled our house for both shows and my cast and crew did a phenomenal job. I'm really proud and happy. I even talked to some people afterward who may be useful in moving forward with the project from here. Who knows, of course, but we'll see. I'll be writing about the experience on the Mrs. Hawking blog in the coming weeks, so I'll say more about it there.

I wish I could say I could head into my break now, but sadly I'm not quite free yet. Urinetown, the show I'm costuming for Dana Hall, is now in tech, so that means one more week of rushing around all day. *Sigh* That makes five solid weeks. Fortunately the costumes are in pretty good shape by this point, so it's not the worst tech week I've ever had. It's just been wearing on me so hard to have had practically no downtime in over a month.

Next week I'll have a break. Not only will all my current obligations be done, I'll even have a little time off from my work at Bunker Hill between semesters. The idea of having entire days with nowhere to rush to is staggering at the moment. I really need not only the break, I need to switch gears. I am getting my head on straight about what my next steps are going to be-- from what to focus next on for Mrs. Hawking, to things for my other projects. It'd also be nice to see some people socially for once. I'm really looking forward to the change.

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