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Summer workout plan

This is the last week of ballet classes for the summer, which means I'm going to need to rethink my workout habits from now until September. I've also been feeling weirdly uncomfortable with my figure lately, and doing things that make me feel healthy, strong, and like my weight is under under control make me feel better about that stuff.

As anyone who's known me for more than five minutes knows, I've always wanted washboard abs. I've never quite been able to achieve them, but I've never actually stuck with a program long enough to see if it would really work. I have to be careful with this stuff, to make sure I don't do anything unhealthy, but since I need to rework my exercise plan anyway, I want to give it a serious shot. I've got a system I'd like to give a try, which involves an eating plan as well. It's a lot of work and willpower-- I'm better at doing the exercises than I am at following dietary directives. Not that I don't eat pretty carefully anyway, but with my love of Coke and chai lattes, I've always had way too much sugar.

But I just love abs so much, and I've never really had them. I'm old enough that if I don't get serious soon, I'll never know what it's like to have them. Yeah, I may just not have the genetics for it. I know people who work out less and eat less carefully than I do who already have them. But if the only thing that's standing between me and the belly of my dreams is sticking to a diet and exercise plan for a month, I would kick myself if I never actually did it once in my life.


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