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Hammering away at the outline for Base Instruments. It's actually really coming along, though not easily, and I'm not quite there. As I've said, the structure of this one is really tough to build, and I don't want to do any further serious drafting until I know what the shape of it is.

I'm really close though-- I just need to work out the final two or three scenes. I'm concerned about making sure all of the many story elements properly hang together. Getting those ducks in a row in theory will be helpful when I go to put it into practice. I'm also concerned about the length. Not that this is NECESSARILY an indication of taking more time, but right now Base Instruments is looking to be about fifteen scenes. By comparison, Mrs. Hawking is elevent and Vivat Regina is twelve, and they work out to be an hour and fifteen minutes. I could make BI a bit longer than that, but I think the briskness of the stories is part of the appeal, so I don't want to screw that up. Still, the most effective tactic for me is usually to just put everything I can think of in the first draft, and then worry about pruning back and making it more efficient in the edits.

But first I got to FINISH THIS OUTLINE.

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