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31P31D 2015 plan

Thanks to everyone who offered suggestions on how to manage 31P31D this year! I think I've come to a decision. I DO want to focus on actual writing, not just planning, because I like the quantifiable nature of it and the imperative to generate. So I dug through my notes and files to see how many IDEAS for scenes I had, how many plans, how many pieces were started but never finished. And I found a fairly long list of them!

So I'm going to work on all the thing I'd already planned to work on. That will be a nice compromise between wanting to further specific projects and actually making scenes. I also don't necessarily want to shut off the possibility for working on a new scene idea if it comes to me, so I think that will be sufficiently flexible.

I also decided I want to read my new Mrs. Hawking play, Base Instruments, on August 14th. I can use the exercise to help me finish that. I'm at the point where the only scenes remaining to draft are the ones that are proving difficult to write, and I'm starting to get a bit avoidant, so I clearly need something to force me to just do it.

Here's to year four! Wish me luck!

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