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So this weekend, natbudin, laura47, and Peter wanted to do their own personal little version of Iron GM, where you write a 2-hour, 12-person larp in 24 hours based off of a genre, a theme, and an element that is given to you at the very start of the writing period. lightgamer and I brainstormed these for them and came up with ghost story, hunger, and nursery rhymes, which I think is a pretty interesting combination.

I joked how if Matt hadn't talked me out of it, I would have given them German expressionism, insecure masculinity, and lithopedions. But it inspired me with all these terrible possibilities for awful, awful secret ingredients for Iron GM. So, instead of sleeping or doing anything else particularly productive, I spent two and a half hours on Twitter last night brainstorming combinations of genres, themes, and elements that Nat, Laura, and Peter should be very grateful I did not give them.

1. Home invasion thriller, sexual frustration, a unity quilt.

2. ‘90s family sitcom, existential ennui, autoerotic asphyxia.

3. ‘60s French divorce drama, moral vegetarianism, Cardigan Welsh corgis.

4. Nunsploitation, ethical nonmonogamy, death’s head moths.

5. Teen sex romp, representative democracy, a VW freak bus.

6. Superhero story, cannibalism, stylish Stetsons.

7. Stoner comedy, Randian objectivism, coffee enemas.

8. Game show, suburban desperation, foam pool noodles.

9. Reality show, lesbian separatism, a graveyard.

10. Inspirational feelgood, expanded consciousness, the prison industrial complex.

11. Gothic horror, relational aggression, a vegetable garden.

12. Period piece, pregnancy horror, beautiful men.

13. Pulp adventure, British stoicism, a nudist colony.

14. Comedy of errors, police brutality, monocles.

15. Blaxsploitation, wish fulfillment, “Satanic panic.”

16. Fairy tale, obsession, an ivory back scratcher.

17. Parable, gender essentialism, finger painting.

18. Spy thriller, transhumanism, government cheese.

19. Bronze Age epic, corporate corruption, murder-suicide pacts.

20. Biography, body modification, Herve Leger bandage dresses.

21. Christian apology, illiteracy, eczema.

22. Telenovela, martyrdom, organ theft.

23. Bildungsroman, eschatology, hoarders.

24. Slash, bourgeois pretension, the Justinian Code.

25. Faith journey, structural racism, competitive hotdog eating.

26. Comedy of manners, sexual transmitted disease, ornamental pastry.

27. Beast fable, teen angst, the Dewey Decimal System.

28. Workplace comedy, Mormonism, a bondage dungeon.

29. Passion play, materialism, a spa day.

30. Harlequin romance, economic theory, ritual scarification.

31. Regency romance, self-flagellation, bare-knuckle boxing.

32. Travelogue, PTSD, feral children.

33. After school special, immortality, break even analysis tables.

34. Hammer horror, moral relativism, decorative gourds.

35. Porn parody, the collapse of our coastal fisheries, gel nails.

36. Sports triumph, Nazi occultism, puns.

37. Character study, the demiurge, beaver pelts.

38. Spaghetti western, fatphobia, the bleeding wounds of Christ.

39. Road story, communal marriage, fire.

40. Heist, parental disapproval, faith healing.

41. Lifetime original, rejection, lurching Javert-like through the mean streets.

42. Action caper, enlightened self-interest, gluten intolerance.

43. Slice of life, blasphemy, taxidermy.

44. Celebrity expose, Orientalism, botfly larvae.

45. Historical fiction, suffering for fashion, Freudian slips.

46. Shakespearean tragedy, beauty is pain, a secret crawlspace.

47. Dating sim, gentlemen prefer skinny brunettes, Chris Evans.

48. Urban fantasy, celibacy, foundation garments.

49. Political drama, being married to the sea, an inflatable sheep.

50. Police procedural, misandry, full-length capes.

51. Erotic thriller, technological isolation, “Onward, Christian Soldier.”

52. Rom com, Greek debt relief, soccer moms.

53. Dystopian future, wine snobbery, walking corpse syndrome.

54. Alternate history, vigilante justice, drunk dialing.

55. Space opera, cultural appropriation, Internet catfishing.

Actually a few of those could be fun. I'd actually like to play what comes out of "Comedy of manners, sexually transmitted diseases, ornamental pastry." And I'll admit "Dating sim, gentlemen prefer skinny brunettes, Chris Evans" is me just having a bit of fun.

Maybe I should organize an Absurd Iron GM. A... Phlebotinum GM, perhaps. Where the teams sign on knowing the ingredients will be ridiculous, and they must make the best (humorous or otherwise) game possible out of them. That might be fun...

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Aug. 8th, 2015 05:01 pm (UTC)
Honestly, I think a lot of these pretty much write themselves -- the only trick is writing a *good* two-hour game from them. Lots of them lend themselves to a funny short game. (And now I'm envisioning a cross between Iron GM and 10 Bad...)
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