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31 Plays in 31 Days, #11 - "Orestea Helen"

This is scribbling for the Adonis sequels, a moment where the two big bads, the symbols of Roman Establishment and Entitlement respectively, make plans for the war. Here they're discussing something that came from an idea that was meant for the original script but didn't end up in there. I imagined that the empress had a daughter she was raising to be a psychopath, but it turned out there wasn't space for her.

An idea that became more and more solidified but perhaps was not COMPLETELY clear in the first draft is that everyone kind of hates Orestea. People just sucked up to her because she had the power to both lavish rewards and severely punish. Plus some people thought they were actually limiting the damage she did, though mostly for their own advantage. It will get spelled out in later installments.

Day #11 - “Orestea Helen”
for Adonis sequels
by Phoebe Roberts

Lyca Martia SATURNINA, a great general, commanding the Roman legions
Livia Janaria Pavo the Younger, PAVILLA, daughter of a late general

(PAVILLA paces around the tent as SATURNINA works over her battle plans.)

PAVILLA: Other than the empress and my mother, no one of consequence died. Even Orestea’s daughter they managed to smuggle out.

SATURNINA: Where is the girl now?

PAVILLA: Still in the city. They found a loyal magistrate who was willing to hide her.

SATURNINA: The rebels spared her, then?

PAVILLA: I doubt it. More likely they couldn’t find her to cut her throat.

SATURNINA: Well, she should be safe enough for now, she’s not much threat to them. Still, we’ll keep her out of sight for now, and in the meantime we’ll place someone amenable on the throne.

(PAVILLA stops pacing.)


SATURNINA: Lucia Vorena, I think. She should be easy to control.


SATURNINA: We can’t wait until Helen’s of age.

PAVILLA: Is that what we want? Another Orestean empress?

SATURNINA: Now is not the time to make changes to the order of things.

PAVILLA: Think of the monster she sprang from. Can that order bear another like her?

SATURNINA: She’s only eight years old. Surely she can be molded.

(PAVILLA leans over the desk. SATURNINA finally looks up.)

PAVILLA: My mother said the girl used to torture kittens. And the empress would laugh.

(SATURNINA leans back in her chair in disgust.)

SATURNINA: For the gods’ sake. Is this what rules in the empire now?

(PAVILLA pushes off.)

PAVILLA: It doesn’t have to be. There are no queens in Rome.

SATURNINA: Certainly not. But we’re fighting off a rebellion. Any decision would only divide us further.

(PAVILLA drops into a chaise.)

PAVILLA: All the more reason to place it on someone stronger!

(SATURNINA regards her, amused.)

SATURNINA: And who were you thinking of?

(PAVILLA looks away uncomfortably.)

PAVILLA: I don’t know. But if nothing else, this fracas rid us of that madwoman and her appetites. There will never be a better chance to see that the right Roman rules in Rome.

(SATURNINA chuckles, not fooled.)

SATURNINA: Oh, privileged child. Does your ambition know no limit?

(PAVILLA meets her gaze and smirks.)

PAVILLA: Does yours?

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