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31 Plays in 31 Days, #16 - "Rings"

It amuses me to think that Nathaniel’s son Reggie and Mary’s oldest daughter Tory might eventually get married, to make another Mr. and Mrs. Reginald and Victoria Hawking. I know it’s kind of cheesy and cliched that to want to get the children of my two heroes together. But I swear I have more reason than just the obvious self-gratification factor. 

A major theme of the whole series is the idea that Mrs. Hawking is lost so that Mary may be saved. The former may have endured too much bitterness, disappointment, and injustice to ever truly be happy, but that what her suffering drove her to do made it possible for the latter to be all right. Even if it’s too late for Mrs. Hawking herself, her suffering ultimately resulted in Mary being able to find happiness and her purpose in life. By extension, it also enables that for their children.

The first Mr. and Mrs. Reginald and Victoria Hawking were very unhappy. But their unhappiness was the catalyst for all the important things that Mrs. Hawking went on to do. It was the progenitor of the new life and purpose she opened up for Mary, Nathaniel, and their respective children. It made it possible for those children to meet, to fall in love, to make a life together, something that never would have happened if circumstances were different. 

I really like the idea that they stand as symbol of how she made something of her pain that made life better for others. Tory and Reggie get to be happy in their marriage, instead of trapped and sad like she was— they get to be vibrant, productive, happy people. Version 2.0 was an improvement on version 1.0.

Frankly, I think it annoyed the shit out of Mrs. Hawking when she heard about the two of them. But I also think that when Reggie wanted to propose to Tory, she gave him the ring that the Colonel gave to her, with the notion that with them was a place where it could actually do some good. I sketched out a little bit of a scene for that. If it were ever to be included in a real piece, I think I would split up the beginning and the end of it over the course of a larger story. But here it is as an interesting exploration of the idea.

  Day #16 - Rings 

by Phoebe Roberts

MRS. VICTORIA HAWKING, secret society avenger, 

CAPTAIN REGGIE HAWKING, army officer and her grandnephew


(REGGIE sits at his desk, mulling over a sheet of half-filled notebook paper. Enter MRS. HAWKING suddenly, one hand held in a fist inside the other. He looks up in surprise and stands up quickly to greet her.) 

REGGIE: Auntie. 

 MRS. HAWKING: Is it true, then? 

REGGIE: Is what true? 

MRS. HAWKING: That you mean to make Victoria your wife.


REGGIE: If she’ll have me. Then, yes. I do.


REGGIE: How did you know?

MRS. HAWKING: I haven’t been prying, your father let it slip. He never could keep his mouth shut.

REGGIE: I suppose it’s not a secret. Only I haven’t asked her yet. I’d hate to spoil it.

MRS. HAWKING: Yes, mustn’t let her see it coming, eh?

REGGIE: I take it you don’t approve.

MRS. HAWKING: That’s no business of mine.

REGGIE: Well, I know you’re no great believer in the institution.

MRS. HAWKING: Do you fault me?

REGGIE: I suppose not. But it’s not the same for everyone.

MRS. HAWKING: That’s easy for you to say. And every other young man like you.

REGGIE: I love her, Auntie.

MRS. HAWKING: And of course no ill ever came from that.

REGGIE: Well, that I can’t pretend. But I mean to make her happy.


REGGIE: Isn’t it rather up to her to decide?

MRS. HAWKING: It ought to be.

REGGIE: Then I’d like to see that she has the choice.

MRS. HAWKING: Because you believe it will make her happy. And you’re quite certain of that?

REGGIE: I wouldn’t ask if I didn’t.

MRS. HAWKING: How do you know?

REGGIE: Because she’s told me.


MRS. HAWKING: I thought you hadn’t asked her yet.

REGGIE: Not to marry me. But… what she wanted of life. The things she hoped for. If she felt the same as I did. That’s what settled me. That I thought it might suit her as much as it did me.


REGGIE: You can’t steer me off this, Auntie.

MRS. HAWKING: I knew that. That was never my intention.

REGGIE: Then… why are you here?

MRS. HAWKING: To see if… rather, to bring you these.

(She holds out a small box. REGGIE takes it and opens it to reveal two rings, a man’s plain gold and a woman’s set with with a red stone. REGGIE glances up in surprise.)

REGGIE: Why, Auntie, is this your wedding ring?

MRS. HAWKING: And the Colonel’s. Your father put it away for me. I never much cared for either of them, but I thought in your hands they might better serve.

REGGIE: My word, Auntie.

MRS. HAWKING: That’s rather a fine India ruby. Perhaps you might make use of it when you brought your proposal to Victoria… and the other, should she accept it of you.

REGGIE: I will. Thank you, Aunt Victoria.

MRS. HAWKING: No need, young man. May they do you more good than they ever did us.

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