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A major theme in the next Adonis films will be the burden of being the object of gaze. Morna will position Aidan as a figurehead for the revolution because she finds he inspires the people. But Aidan, who is introverted and perhaps even socially anxious, finds it very stressful to have to play this role with everyone's eyes on him. Diana is beginning to be troubled by how badly it affects him. This is the first scene where they clash on how best to protect Aidan-- Morna thinks by ensuring a future in which he'll be free, while Diana wants to keep him out of the line of fire.

Day #20 - “He Inspires Them”
from Adonis
by Phoebe Roberts

DIANA, once a Roman general, now commanding a slave rebellion
MORNA, formerly a slave, now the rebellion’s mastermind

MORNA: How is he? Is he all right?

DIANA: He will be.

Morna breathes out hard and rests her head in her hands.

DIANA: Must we do this?

MORNA: We have no choice.

DIANA: It’s crushing him!

MORNA: Do you think that means nothing to me!? He is everything I have!

DIANA: Then why put him through this?

MORNA: Because we need him.

DIANA: Is there no other way?

MORNA: He inspires them. Like no words, no thoughts, no other soul we can parade before them. Without him, we lose them, and without the people, there is no revolution.

DIANA: And if it breaks him in the process?

MORNA: It won’t. He is strong. And we will protect him. What is all this for, if not to save him?

They regard each other. At last Diana nods.

DIANA: Everything I do here is to save him.

MORNA: On that we are agreed.

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