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I have given the new villain characters appearing in the Adonis sequels a fair bit of thought. But beyond them, I haven't figured out if there are going to be many other new faces entering the story. One idea I had was for the daughter of Diana's hero Britannica, the conqueror who took the isle of Britain twelve years before the events of Adonis. Britannica has since died, but her title lives on in her descendants.

I thought it might be interesting if when we meet the daughter, whom I'm calling Britannica Gloriana, she's basically never accomplished much of anything, but gets a lot of power and prestige handed to her because of who her mother was. However, unlike Pavilla, who's situation is similar, Gloriana is vaguely annoyed at how her mother defines her place in life, and has a slowly brewing dissatisfaction with how she's never done anything for herself. I thought maybe when we meet her, she feels bad because she's constantly granted honor she hasn't earned, but doesn't believe she actually has the skills or ability to do anything of value. Maybe her journey for the ongoing story can be rising to the occasion of people actually asking her to make real contributions as the rebellion rises.

Day #21 - Britannica Gloriana
from Adonis
by Phoebe Roberts

DIANA Aurelia, formerly a general of Rome, now commander of the rebels
Britannica GLORIANA, daughter of the conqueror of Britain

DIANA: Hail, Britannica.

Gloriana scowls.

GLORIANA: Hail, general of Rome. Or can’t I call you that any longer?

DIANA: Domina, I cannot let this be. I must have your answer one way or the other.

GLORIANA: Why are you hounding me?

DIANA: Because we have need of you. If you add your voice to ours, the nation will hear.


DIANA: Because you are Britannica!

GLORIANA: I am not Britannica!


GLORIANA: Whatever they call me in the Senate when they beg me for money or troops or a damned endorsement. That statue— that woman that gave her life to taking Britain, that is Britannica!

DIANA: She was the greatest commander the empire ever saw.

GLORIANA: So I hear, every day. Did you know her?

Diana shakes her head.

GLORIANA: I didn’t either. She was… abroad on campaign, or serving in the Senate, or somewhere else standing for the empire. I remember that statue better than I remember her.

DIANA: You are her daughter. That title is for you and for your children and your children’s children for all time.

GLORIANA: Yes, for all of us. Whether we are conquerors or stateswomen or nothing at all. Wrack your brain, general. What do you know me for, besides occupying that chair in the Senate being called by my mother’s name?


GLORIANA: I am no hero, Diana Aurelia. Not like you, not like my mother. I do not sally forth doing great deeds. Don’t seek me out for help in them, because I have none to give you.

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