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31 Plays in 31 Days, #25 - "Black Eye"

This is messing around with an idea I've alluded to a lot in the Mrs. Hawking stories, the first moment when Victoria and Reginald met. The fourth installment of Mrs. Hawking will involve telling her "origin story" in a manner of speaking, demonstrating what set her on her life path, which includes how she came to marry the Colonel. I plan on telling that story in flashback, juxtaposed with an adventure in the present day-- then, 1885.

This is a very bare-bones, rough pass of the scene. The real version will likely be more in-depth than this. But I'm just trying to bang stuff out for 31P31D.

Day #25 - “Black Eye”
from Miss Stanton
by Phoebe Roberts

VICTORIA STANTON, daughter of the colonial lieutenant governor, late teens
REGINALD HAWKING, army captain stationed in the colonies, early thirties
GARETH STANTON, the colonial lieutenant governor

British China, 1859

(Enter REGINALD, watching VICTORIA as she climbs in the tree. Suddenly she drops down, and, startled, he runs to catch her. She lands in his arms, but twists out of his grasp, and spins to face him. She punches him square in the eye. He stumbles back.)


VICTORIA: What do you think you’re doing!?

REGINALD: Catching you! I thought you’d fallen! I meant to help.

VICTORIA: I don’t need your help!

(He dabs at his eye.)

REGINALD: I can see that now! What in the world were you up to?

VICTORIA: I was trying to see if I could make it onto the roof of the bungalow from there. Not that it’s any of your business!

REGINALD: The roof? Why?

VICTORIA: To see if I could! In case it ever came in useful to me.

REGINALD: I see. Do you do a lot of this? This climbing?

VICTORIA: What’s it to you?

REGINALD: Nothing, miss. It’s only… rather remarkable.

VICTORIA: Hm. Well, I thank you not to remark on it when the lieutenant comes by.

REGINALD: Why’s that?

VICTORIA: Because if you do, that black eye won’t be the worse thing I do to you.

(REGINALD watches in wonder as she scrambles back up the tree and out of sight. Enter GARETH STANTON, lieutenant governor of the territory.)

STANTON: Ah, hello. You must be the captain they told us about.

REGINALD: Yes, sir. And you’re Lieutenant Governor Stanton, then?

STANTON: I am. What are you…?

REGINALD: Nothing, sir. It’s only… there was a girl, a moment ago. Little slip of a thin, blonde hair with a braid down her back.

STANTON: Indeed? You’ve met my daughter, then.

REGINALD: Really? She’s your daughter?

STANTON: She won’t be in your way. Are you quite all right? You’ve got quite a mark.

REGINALD: Ah, this? It’s nothing, only… got it boxing with the lads. Fellow’s got a devil of a right cross.

STANTON: Hm, clearly. Come along then, we’ll see you settled in, Captain— what was your name?

REGINALD: Hawking’s the name. Captain Reginald Prescott Hawking.

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