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31 Plays in 31 Days, #27 - "Not Anymore"

This is another scene from late in the Mrs. Hawking story, at the very end of installment six. I feel weird about writing this one for the same reason I did about Day #8 - Old Friends, because I feel like I'm both spoiling an emotional high point as well as not being able to do it full justice because I neither know enough about the story nor devoted enough time to exploring it. But gotta write something, so here it is.

This is after they've dealt with the threat of Jack the Ripper, and Mary finally makes up her mind to part ways with Mrs. Hawking. This builds on what was established in Day #6 - Lead and I'll Follow.

Day #27 - Not Anymore
for Ripper
by Phoebe Roberts

MARY STONE, secret society avenger
ARTHUR SWANN, a police officer and her intended

London, England, 1888

ARTHUR: How is she?

MARY: She’ll be all right.

ARTHUR: Oh, thank God. But what of you?



MARY: I can’t do it. Not anymore.

ARTHUR: I don’t understand. I thought you’d be…


ARTHUR: What are you saying?

MARY: Marry me.

ARTHUR: Truly?

MARY: Marry me, Arthur.

ARTHUR: Oh, Mary. If that’s what you want.

MARY: Yes. Yes, that’s what I want. I want you to marry me, and I want you to take that place in New York. We’re going to America.


MARY: I mean it, Arthur.

ARTHUR: But what about your work?

MARY: It’s not my work anymore. Not with Mrs. Hawking.

ARTHUR: And what about her?

MARY: What about her?

ARTHUR: You love her, Mary!

MARY: And I can’t let her run me because of it! Not when she can’t return it.

ARTHUR: I am sure that’s not true.

MARY: Not true enough.

ARTHUR: Mary… is this what you want?

MARY: I didn’t choose this. She did.

ARTHUR: And you’re certain?

MARY: There’s no place for me here anymore.

ARTHUR: All right, love. I… I want to be glad of this, but… I’m sorry.

MARY: You’re not the one who ought to be.

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