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Forever Captain

Recently I saw an article reporting on some things Chris Evans said about playing Captain America. I found it on Facebook, in addition to the three or four people who sent it my way. I love how many people see a Chris Evans thing and immediately share it with me. No, seriously, I do, keep ‘em coming, folks, especially if there’s a picture where he looks good.

To my surprise in the article he expressed the sentiment of being happy to continue playing Cap as long as Marvel will have him. His contract was initially for six movies— with the general public being unsure whether that meant Cap 3 or Avengers 3 would be his last, depending on whether his cameo in Thor counted —and he’s apparently open to renewal. I was surprised because all of the rumors I’d been hearing indicated that he wanted out as soon as the getting as good. People said while he got along with the cast and crew and enjoyed the actually filming, the press tours were killing him. Supposedly his social anxiety made that stuff like torture and he wanted to get away from the constant Marvel grind of it. Having a touch of it myself, I can only imagine. Plus, he’s interested in moving into directing, at least eventually.

Now I never saw any actual hard evidence, like quotes from an interview, that he held that position, but it seemed reasonable, given what we know about his issues and his initial reluctance to even take the role because of them. But in light of this new article, I wonder if those rumors were completely wrong, or if he changed his mind. If the latter, I have to wonder if the money situation changed— maybe there’s a chance to make, like, RDJ-level money now and he’d be crazy to pass that up.

I’m having a more complicated reaction to it than I thought. When I first heard that he’d be leaving the role after six movies, I was really sad. I really love him in this character, especially speaking as a person who never liked Captain America and found him boring until seeing him in The First Avenger. On a purely shallow level, I think he’s most attractive with the Cap styling, the blond hair and the enormous muscular frame. It was in this character that he inspired me in a way that changed the course of my art.

But Bernie pointed out that meant he’d probably get a really meaningful death scene in the next few films. The character has always stood as the soldier who’s willing to lay down his life for others, and it would be a fitting culmination. Also— because I’m weird, I know —I liked the idea of taking him out of the story before they had the chance to pair him up with anybody besides Peggy. Yeah, yeah, I know, but I’d like to see one character for whom the solution to heartbreak was not to just move on to somebody else.

So now I don’t know how I feel. The only thing that really would make me unhappy, I guess, is if he dies and comes back from the dead. One of my least favorite things about the superhero media is how cheap death is— the refusal to ever really lose popular characters means that nobody ever really stays dead, which massively undercuts the drama of when one of them dies. I really wouldn’t like to see that happen with Cap, especially because a huge part of the character is that he’s willing to make a sacrifice that huge.

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