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Adapting to true busy

I'm into the second real week of my new schedule, and all the various changes I have put into my life are going in earnest. My new jobs, the college classes I'm teaching, are starting to get into actual work. The new workout regime has been instituted. The smoothie diet has been going for almost a week longer than the rest. Tomorrow I have my new volunteer gig to go to on its weekly Thursday slot.

I have had periods of my life when I was basically working constantly, but right now I am going like hell. When I was preparing for the first production of Mrs. Hawking, for example, I was always going, but that was something I knew how to do and was exciting and personal. It never required this level of demand and focus from my brain. On top of in-class time, or time spent in the tutoring center, I have to plan each lesson, and do the reading I've assigned to my students. I am driving for hours a day. Sometimes I'm home and/or free so little I have to make sure I have a third meal smoothie along with me in the mornings, because that's the only way I'll have time for dinner.

I'm feeling tired already. God, I'm hoping I'll adjust. This is only the second week, after all. But I have so many other things I know will be coming down the pike that I hope I get a handle on it all. Wish me luck. *crosses fingers*


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Sep. 17th, 2015 07:40 pm (UTC)
Sympathies -- been through that too many times. (It has taken *many* years for me to learn how to limit myself.) Good luck...
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