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REQUESTED II: another request!

I got my Adonis screenplay requested for reading by a literary management company!

I'm really excited. This is my SECOND request to read! I've been giving this script pitching thing a few tries lately, with more misses than hits. I've had no nibbles from submitting the pitch in written form, but of the three times I've arranged a Skype call with a producer or agency, twice I've gotten a request to read the script. Two of three is not a bad ratio! Clearly there is some power in people looking me in the eye and listening to my voice as I imbue it with drama and tension in the recitation. I'd been submitting in written form because it was easier and lower stress, but I think this is a pretty good indication that the same material is much more powerful when I deliver it in person.

The first time it was requested, a few months later I heard that the producer wanted to be put in email contact with me. That's awesome, though I haven't heard anything from the guy since then. I've been wondering if there's an appropriate way to poke him, though I've been struggling with how to phrase it so it doesn't sound weird or nagging. What's the right way to say, "So, was there anything you wanted to say to me?" I wonder if maybe I could use this. "So, just an update, the script's gotten interest from another quarter!" Is there a polite way to say that without an underlying implication of threat? ;-)

Anyway, here's another nibble. Again I don't know what it could mean-- they may throw it down on the table as soon as they get to page five! But I convinced someone else to read it. And it's a good damn script. I'm really pleased and proud. Cross your fingers something-- I don't know what! --comes of this.

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