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Traveling to Granddad's funeral

My grandfather, Arthur William Roberts, passed away this week. He was the life of the party, a WWII combat veteran, a loving and supportive presence, and the man who taught me to love and be proud of my Italian heritage. He was very old and had a great life. He was at the point where he wasn't really mentally present anymore. There's no particular tragedy in this, though we'll miss him, and he was my last living grandparent.

I have to go to Pittsburgh for the funeral, and as much as I want to be there to say goodbye properly, I am not looking forward to the trip. In order to not miss either any of my new classes and to have enough time to do the outside prep work, it's going to be a whirlwind. I'll have to go off my diet, I'm sure. There won't be any way to take my smoothies with me, and it would be a huge pain to try to get the right supplies and make them. I'm allowed one cheat day, but I'll have to do two, and that displeases me. Because, like most funeral trips, I got the plane tickets at the last minute, they both have connecting flights so they didn't cost an arm and a leg. I have to get up at 4:30 on Sunday to get a shuttle to the airport to get on a 7am flight, and then not arrive until 11:45pm in Boston on Monday, for the shuttle to take me home by 1. And then get up and teach first thing the next day.

So I think the whole business is going to be pretty unpleasant. I've been tired enough from adjusting to my new schedule-- I'm only in week three --that I don't relish that wrench being thrown into the works.

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