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Both my games filled!

Last night second round signups happened for Intercon P, and I am pleased to say both of the games I am running and am listed as an author for are full!

The first is Woodplum House, my silly two-hour Woodhouse parody game I wrote for last Festival of the Larps. It's only ten players, so this round I only needed two more, and now I have ten plus one on the waitlist. I will be sending out the casting questionnaire soon. I like to get them out early, so people have plenty of time, and I have plenty of time to chase people who don't get them filled out quickly.

The second is Pub Crawl, the newest game from Alleged Entertainment. It's a realistic full horde game, with a totally rotating cast, set in a New Year's Eve pub crawl in a dying working class town. I love how working with AE makes me branch out in both the style and subject matter of the games I write, and this definitely is something new for me. It's now full with a waitlist of three. I don't actually know what we're doing about the casting questionnaire yet, if anything, because it's completely a horde game. But we have plenty of time to figure it out. I'm sure we'll discuss it at our next writers' meeting.

The only thing I am signed up to play is The Inversion of Me and My Room on Saturday night. I'm really looking forward to that. I decided to take the afternoon free. I'm only doing three games that weekend, but I find for me that's the right number.

I was kind of hoping with the small size of these games, ten and twelve, that I might have a game that filled in the first round of signups at Intercon this year. But alas, that did not happen. Other than Resonance, I have yet to achieve that honor, and never with one of my solo games. Ah, well. Someday, maybe. Guess I need to write a hotter game!

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