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Run down

I am so ready for the holiday break. I have been holding it together, but I'm so severely overloaded right now that I worry about balls being dropped. I'm prioritizing work right now, finishing my teaching obligations strong until the end of the semester, and so far I've met all deadlines and requirements, but I'm drowning in grading. I would very much like to be hired back at the same institutions next semester, so I'm pouring effort into doing a good job, but the combined weight of everything is dragging at me. Mrs. Hawking and Vivat Regina are going well-- rehearsals are ahead of schedule, actually --but I'm afraid my burnout will affect my ability to keep things moving. I really don't want to fall behind.

The stuff I don't owe to anybody but myself has been a complete mess. My acne protocol, my chores, all that have gone to hell. Thanksgiving threw off my diet for four days, and though I've been back on it since then, my exercise schedule got beat up. I feel softer and squishier, and I hate it. My body has been a little bit sore-- my right wrist and hip both feel slightly injured, and I'm not sure if it's because I haven't been exercising as much, or if I hurt them while trying to exercise and shouldn't stress them. I really need to get myself back in a routine, but the energy and focus it requires is in short supply right now.

Time will open up relatively soon, though. The semester will end, and rehearsal will break for the holidays. Then maybe I can catch up on all the stuff I'd let fall by the wayside in the meantime.

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