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WITNESS ME, part 4

In my hero's boast, I laid out everything that I have to do from now until the end of the year.

One of the most difficult things I had on my list was managing my new career situation-- completing the two college courses I'd been hired to teach. This was something entirely new for me, and a positive direction for me to move in professionally, but the amount of work and need to adapt was challenging for me. I worked very hard at it, balancing it with all my other fairly intense committments, trying to learn how to be a good professor.

I have officially submitted grades for both those classes. I believe I have now fulfilled all responsibilities for the courses, to the satisfaction of all involved.

I have new classes to prepare for coming up. I have to get my syllabi in order over the next two weeks, not something I particularly want to worry about while in tech for two plays, but there's nothing for it. Still, I managed it once, so I guess I can manage it again.


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