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Just one class

Well, it seems that one of the classes I'm going to be teaching this semester was cancelled due to low enrollment. There was always a risk of this happening, as I'd heard enrollment at North Shore was down overall, but I just got confirmation of one being full and one being cancelled.

I've got mixed feelings. On one hand, I don't think it's good for me to have fewer classes when I'm trying to establish a resume as a college professor. It won't look as good when I apply places in the fall with fewer under my belt. Also, I'll be making a fair bit less money without it. I will have more hours to tutor, but it's won't work out to as much. But on the other hand... I feel so tired after everything of the last few months, that I'm having a hard time working up much disappointment. Each class is a lot of work, and the idea of having not quite so much of it feels something like a relief, even though it's not good for me in the longer term. I would have had to write both syllabi this week, which is Mrs. Hawking tech week, and the idea of having to do two of those at once while finishing up the shows is exhausting. One is tough enough, but more manageable than two.

Aw, well. My resume and bank account won't be as good for it. But maybe I need a little bit of a break.


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