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Status update in the breath

The shows are over for now, and that means I’ve reached a bit of a lull. Though I have more to say about them, I think I will save it for the Mrs. Hawking blog. For now, I will reflect on the state of other things in my life now that I don’t have quite so much on my plate.

As for my work situation, in addition to tutoring, I now have two classes again. As often happens in the life of an adjunct, you gain and lose classes on short notice, and I was offered a Short Fiction class for the Lesley extension at Bunker Hill. It’s not the best timeslot— three hours on Friday nights starting in March —but I wanted the second class and it’s only for a few weeks. Since it doesn't start right away, I have a bit more time before I have to worry about it. It’s nice to only have to plan for one class for a little while. It started yesterday and I feel prepared, so I’m in pretty good shape there.

While I did a good job staying on top of most of my responsibilities, a lot of the stuff I just do for myself fell by the wayside. I did a good job sticking to my diet and exercise plan, even during tech week— which honestly is the most important to me —but my skin and hair are pretty wrecked. I completely fell out of my skincare routine and had a really charming breakout around my mouth. Yuck. My hair started to concern me when the dark roots began to grow out, but weirdly they bothered me more when they were shorter. Now they kind of look like I have light highlights, which I sort of like, but I think I probably need to get a trim, if not do something to fix the color.

In the next couple weeks, I mostly need to go into maintenance mode. Rest, get my life together, not take on anything new. I need to clean up my house and find storage for all the new props and costumes purchased for Vivat Regina. Everything could use a good scrubbing down, as I haven’t had the time to clean as thoroughly as I usually do.

I do have a little bit of project work for the moment. But I won’t get into that just yet. Mostly I just want to put myself back together and recharge.

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