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Always-sleeping beauty

I'm sure you're all very tired of hearing status updates on my health and schedule by now, but writing things out helps me get my head on straight about what I'm doing and what I should be doing. Slowly feel like I'm getting myself back together. Diet, exercise, and skincare routines have been put back to where they should be. The cold is almost gone; I'm not as sneezy and stuffed up but the tiredness remains. That's still really bugging me, though.

I've always found a pretty definite sundowning effect in my ability to focus and get work done I don't specifically want to do. I'm a morning person in the extreme; I always feel best and am most productive when I rise early, do important stuff first then, and then chill more as it gets later, but in the past few weeks it's been ridiculous. My work schedule for the semester has a couple of ten-hour workdays built into it now, and by the time it's over, it's at a time of day where I am notoriously unproductive even when I'm not burnt. In the last week I've passed out around nine PM four times. I get up at six, so I guess nine hours isn't an unreasonable amount of sleep for my body to want, but it sure means there's not much time to do anything else once I get home from work.

I really want to go back to the writing habits I had before the Mrs. Hawking productions got so intense. But with so little focus by the time I'm free to do it, and so little time before I'm crashing like a ton of bricks for the night, it's not happening. Ah, well. Maybe I need a little more recovery time. I hope by the time this cold is totally out of my system, I won't need so much sleep. Or maybe I should plan on devoting more of the lighter-scheduled days of my work week to writing. Maybe I should just say screw the evenings on Monday and Wednesday and do what I want then. I'm not good at being easy on myself, but sometimes there's just no point in hammering when you're not going to get anything out of it.

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Feb. 5th, 2016 01:47 pm (UTC)
Time. And love
Morning Phoebe,
You have had a wonderful achievement. You are right about down time. You are exhausted from the adrenalin rush. Plan downtime into your schedule. Laughter is healing. Laughing yoga is good.
Research foods for energy.
I drink a ginger tea made with
1inch of ginger root pealed
1 teaspoon of honey
Lemon wedge
Steep five minutes
Energy giving
Honey from within 50 miles of where you live gives the best health benefit for allergens.

Another drink for energy and adogen power is
2 tablespoons of organic cacao powder
Almond milk milk or water
Sweeter of choice
Cinnamon for variety i( it helps counter act sugar levels so you don't crave more sugar.

I hope these give you the extra strength they have given me for a boast of energy.
Give yourself the same time you give to the world!
Aunt Ardie
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