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From my brain jumble

Having a hard time coming up with a coherent entry. I have been feeling overwhelmed by my responsibilities lately, which hasn't left a lot of brainpower for much besides getting through. I have no particular end in sight, unfortunately, but gotta keep the old head above the water. So here's some random stuff about what I've got going on.

I think I have my Mrs. Hawking pilot where it needs to be. At least, I think so. I'm a bit concerned I've lost all critical perspective on the thing, but I'm probably being hard on myself, as that has been a thing with me lately. I plan on sending it to the producer I spoke to no later than one month after our initial meeting.

In the meantime, I am also working on a show bible to send along with it. It needs to be short, I'm shooting for about three pages, but still give all the information necessary to imagine it as a series. Right now I'm just banging it out, with the intention of cutting it back.

These compressed-period, four-hour-long classes I'm teaching right now are rough. Not only do they require more planning in a shorter amount of time, just teaching for four hours straight is not easy. I'm doing okay with it, but it takes a lot out of me.

I need to start building regular social back into my days. I've been so burnt and overwhelmed I haven't been seeing any friends, which isn't good. I think I need to start making a conscious effort to schedule at least one social thing every week. I've been feeling kind of adrift lately on top of the exhaustion, and it might help with the bad feelings to enjoy the company of friends more often.

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