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I'll keep on making those new mistakes

I've developed a fondness for that silly little pop song by Shakira that is serving as the theme to Zootopia, "Try Everything." Musically it's not that remarkable, and the lyrics are a bit clumsy, but I find I really like the message of it. It encourages you to not only keep working on the things that matter to you, but to accept that failure happens and it's not the end of the world. I particularly like how it acknowledges the continual nature of effort and that we are always going to keep on making new mistakes. It's been a kind of a nice counterpoint to the problem I've been having lately, of beating myself up disproportionately for screw ups.

I've always admired people who are brave enough to just TRY SHIT and see what happens, even if they're risking failure doing it. I've never been that good at experimenting in that way. I wouldn't say I don't put myself out there, but I tend to set goals that are fairly reasonable and then DO EVERYTHING IN MY POWER to make sure I hit them. I sometimes worry if that means I don't stretch far enough, or if I stuck with the safe option.

I guess I worry my credibility will be destroyed if I screw something up. I don't think I have a problem with owning when I do something wrong, but I get unreasonably mad at myself when it happens. I guess I'm afraid people won't trust me or believe I can get stuff done if I make mistakes. But everybody makes mistakes, and sometimes the best things are only achievable through trial and error. I'll have to work on getting braver about it.

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