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Mom's funny Exorcist story

Apparently they're making a sequel to this horror movie from a few years back called The Conjuring. It makes me weirdly melancholy. See, my mom always loved horror movies, but never had anyone in the family to see them with her. When we were kids we didn't like them, so she always had to find somebody else to go with if she wanted to catch one in the theater. But then, when the first Conjuring came out, she said, "I saw enough of your movies when you were kids. How about you see one of mine for once?" So I ended up seeing that film, that I probably never would have on my own, as the one and only time I went with her to one of her horror flicks. Seeing that there's a sequel makes me particularly miss her. I still don't really like horror movies, but I'd take her to that one if I could.

On the lighter side, I think I'll tell her funny story of why she could never watch The Exorcist with a straight face. She was in college when it came out, already a fan of the weird and creepy, and was SUPER excited for it. Everything she heard said it was INCREDIBLY SCARY, like, the best horror film ever. She was pretty hard to scare, and she was looking forward to something that might actually be able to get to her. So she got tickets and went to see it in a packed theater.

And she spent the whole damn movie cracking up. Why? Because everyone in the theater was FREAKING THE HELL OUT. She told me they were yelling at the screen, falling out of their chairs, rolling around in aisles. They were trying to warn the characters of danger, calling out to God, screaming at every scary turn. It sounded like a particularly frightened version of MST3K. And my mom was utterly unable to find it scary, even though it was supposed to be this superb horror story, because she found the carrying-on so hilarious. And ever after that, she couldn't watch The Exorcist without cracking up at the thought of all those people. So much for the scariest horror film ever made!

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Mar. 27th, 2016 03:20 am (UTC)
That's a great story! Thanks for sharing it.
Mar. 27th, 2016 07:50 pm (UTC)


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