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Something's got to give

I had a really lovely Easter yesterday, full of delicious food and wonderful friends. I enjoyed it enormously and am really grateful I had the chance to spend the time, but now I am back at work, and am slammed back in the reality of my overwhelming life.

I feel like a broken record going on about that. God knows over the years I've complained enough on this blog about feeling burned out, but lately... lately it's like I literally do not have enough minutes in the day to get everything done. I've been scrambling to get all my externally owed commitments taken care of, such that anything that isn't strictly due for somebody else has been falling away.

I really do think I'm at the point where I need to make a change. It's just too much. I'm starting to stumble because of it, and I'm afraid if I keep pushing like this, I'm going to break down. I don't know what the right move is-- what can I afford to cut out that won't have OTHER negative consequences on my life? --but I know I can't keep doing this.

I know taking care of myself is essential in times like this... but what does that even mean? I already eat properly, sleep enough, and get regular exercise. And honestly doing all that is taking up even more of my time and requiring more effort to make sure it happens. That personal stuff is always the first to get blown off when I owe other people stuff, but that just throws me off in a different way. What can I do that doesn't add to the burden?

Something's got to give.


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