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Dream casting

Wow. I normally don't remember my dreams, or if I do, they're bad ones. Not sure why that is, but that's been the way for me for most of my adult life. But last night I not only remembered a dream, but an epic poem of a dream, with all these complicated twists and turns of plot. And while there was a lot of sadness in it, it was like dramatic sadness, building to something, rather than general horror or stress or melancholy like my nightmares have.

Often when I dream, people I know or "know" often feature in it, but not always as themselves. It's very common for people I know to sort of "play roles" in what's happening, as if my dream were a movie and they were actors playing the characters in the story. That's what happened last night with several figures, the most bizarre of which was the guy who plays Bianca Del Rio (I've been watching a lot of RuPaul's Drag Race lately so I guess he's in my head) in a character COMPLETELY unrelated to his persona in or out of drag.

It was an unusually mundane setting for my dreams. But it had a compelling plot, with lots of complications. For a weird brain-soap opera, I found it strangely fascinating. Interesting.


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