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So much for that

Remember my resolution to go back to writing in my journal on the regular? Yeah, that didn't happen.

Unfortunately, neither did my using my three weeks off as a break. I didn't have work, no, but inwaterwrit got married and I was her maid of honor, so the first week was taken up with helping her. That was a ton of fun, but then Bernie had his graduation ceremony. And then, because I never visit him in Baltimore, I agreed to go back to Maryland with him to attend Balticon. We worked tech for it, which was also fun and got us in for free, and Bernie even helped me do a bit of networking that might lead to something good for me. But now I'm at home for the weekend, to be there to help out my dad with some landscaping chores. Again, all that stuff is good, but it meant I didn't do much resting, and didn't get much of the catching up done that I'd been meaning to. Since I'm going back to work on Monday, I guess there goes that.

Honestly, I haven't been doing that well lately. I've been pretty consistently exhausted for the last several months, and I'd been hoping my between-trimester break would help me get myself back. But that didn't happen, and I'm a little afraid it's not going to. It's contributed to a vague depression for a while now that I'm not sure how to lift. I'm hoping that since even when I go back to work it won't be nearly as intense will mean I actually do eventually recover. But I haven't felt like myself in a while.

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