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Game Wrap Magazine #1 soooooooooon

We are SO CLOSE to being able to release the first issue of Game Wrap Magazine, the publication I'm on the editorial board of that is devoted to analytical/semi-scholarly articles on the art and craft of larp. I'm incredibly pleased with this publication; the issue is going to have some really excellent, though-provoking articles in it, one of which is by me! I wrote about how larp designers and writers can support the narrative role of villain PCs in a game, and I think I did a very good job taking all the angles into consideration.

We're also accepting submissions for Issue #2, so if you have an idea for examining some accept of making and playing larps, I encourage you to send us an abstract! You don't need to have the whole article planned out, just know what subject you want to tackle and what perspective you're going to take on it. I sent in my bid for Issue #2 yesterday. I should have copied my abstract to repost here, but basically this time around I want to talk about the tension between narrative arc design and player autonomy. Constructing a sound narrative arc takes management, but in larp that can lead to railroading of players, who usually expect to have some input on how the storyline is shaped, so how do we go about balancing the progress and direction of the story while still allowing all the players to feel like they have some control over the direction of their journeys. I'm a pretty hardcore narrativist, so I really enjoy mulling over issues of building narrative in the larp form given the other needs, features, and challenges of the medium.

I'll keep you posted as to when Issue #1 is out. And in the meantime, you should totally bid us an article for Issue #2!

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