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Typical adjunct uncertainties

Getting a little concerned about my third class at Lesley actually running. I'm basically good to go with my other two classes, Freshman Composition and Essentials of English, one of which I've taught before and the other which is a more basic approach to developing writing. But at the moment the third class, Business Writing, only has six students signed up for it, which I believe is beneath the minimum to be safe from cancellation. I'm not sure what to think about that. Business Writing is the class I know I will find most personally challenging. I'm less familiar with it than other writing forms, plus I've never had to design a syllabus for it before, so that promises to be more difficult. And it's a four-hour Friday night class, which are kind of grueling to teach.

So on one hand, if I didn't have to teach it, it would be sparing myself from a demanding, somewhat unpleasant work experience. But if I lost it, it would mean I only had two classes, and I was really hoping to have three this time around. It would be a good step forward in my career, more money, and establish me further at Lesley. I was really hoping to not have to tutor so much next semester, if only because it's a lot less driving. Plus, if the class is going to be cancelled, I kind of don't want to go to all the work and trouble of writing a syllabus I'm not going to use. Because that will take a lot of time and effort at a time when I'm trying to get so much writing done.

It might fill, in which case all this will be moot. But it's been almost a month of holding steady at only six students, which is worrisome. So just in case, I've started applying at other schools in the area. It would be really nice if this class falls through to be able to replace it with another one at a local university. I historically am not very good at getting my resume and cover letters noticed, but I've been reading the advice on Ask a Manager about how to improve them and rewrote mine to focus on accomplishments and what I specially bring to the work. Hopefully they are stronger now! Last year around this time was when I managed to get hired at Lesley, and there were a couple of places interested in me almost immediately just because I was then able to put that I was teaching at Lesley on my resume. Some of that may have been timing; classes get added and subtracted on short notice, so the fact that it was August-ish may have meant that I got mine resume in when they needed somebody for a sudden change. But I have more experience now, and hopefully an improved resume and cover letter, so I'd hope that my chances were better.

Again, this might not matter at all. The Business Writing class may go off as planned. But I'd like to have a backup in case it falls through.


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