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31 Plays in 31 Days, #5 - "Carrying"

This is an idea for the Adonis sequels, probably occuring in the third part. One thing I want to establish for the world building is that pregnancy is very different in this matriarchal culture. I think it would make sense for pregnancy to have much more of a space made for it, much more accomdation, but also that it's treated like a much more normal state of being-- if all of your important people are likely to be pregnant at some point or another, it's going to be considered something to just take in stride in the course of normal activities. I also think public life would build in the idea that people would sometimes have to withdraw for a little while for it, in such a way that would derail careers. I also think terminating pregnancy would be much more normalized, as the dominant gender would find it necessary to take that control for themselves.

This scene is very rough, awkward, and abrupt. Probably needs to be split in half for cinematic structural reasons. But it explores the ideas, and does a little to show the relationship between Diana and her ten-year-younger protege, Callisto.

From Adonis sequels
By Phoebe Roberts

DIANA, formerly a general of Rome, now leader of the resistance
CALLISTO, her lieutenant


Callisto briefs Diana over a map of the battlefield, who is too distressed and distracted to take it in.

CALLISTO: And we’ll try to keep a division stationed on the other side, though I can’t say how long we’ll be able to spare the soldiers. Unless you have an idea how to distribute them. General?

Diana snaps out of her reverie.


CALLISTO: Woolgathering?

DIANA: Forgive me.

CALLISTO: Are you all right?

Diana stares at her.

CALLISTO: What is it?

Diana sighs.

DIANA: I’m carrying.


DIANA: It isn’t the time.

CALLISTO: I’d say not. But the medics should have something.

DIANA: We’re not well supplied with anything.

CALLISTO: There are ways.

DIANA: Not on campaign.

CALLISTO: This isn’t your first, is it?

DIANA: I’ve always taken care.

CALLISTO: Heh. Well, that was never me. Once I found out in the heart of the damn Black Forest, with Germans in wait on all sides. Had to have the rear guard captain beat it out of me. Bled like a beast, but that took care of it.

DIANA: How long did it take to recover?

CALLISTO: Longer than I had. No choice but to push through.

Diana’s expression goes hard.

CALLISTO: We’ll do what we have to do. What choice do we have?

DIANA: I could see it through, I suppose.

CALLISTO: That’ll have problems of its own.

DIANA: That’s certain. They’ll be no time to retire.

CALLISTO: Do you want to carry it?

DIANA: I haven’t decided.

CALLISTO: But you’re considering it?

DIANA: Who knows which of us will survive this? It may be the last chance for my legacy. And… I would like to see Aidan’s daughters and sons.

CALLISTO: Your fates truly are bound, aren’t they?

DIANA: In every way there is.

CALLISTO: Well, then. Let’s hope she takes after her father.

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