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Emergency smoothie rescue

I've been experimenting with a different diet recently, as I became so burnt out on the smoothies after doing it for like seven or eight months. Honestly it wasn't designed to be a long-term diet anyway, but I stuck to it because it worked for me. I have a fairly high tolerance for eating the same things over and over again, but once I hit the wall, I crash out of it hard. However, smoothies still make for good breakfasts or meal replacements when I don't have time to make something real, so I'm still eating them sometimes even though I'm not enjoying them anymore. And regardless, my body really does feel GREAT right after them.

So today I tried to put together a new recipe for one that I'd like but wasn't so tired of. I actually did a pretty good job! I mixed the standard two scoops of protein powder, half cup of plain Greek yogurt, and half a cup of almond milk with two tablespoons of pure cocoa powder and two tablespoons of coconut oil. It made a kind of bittersweet chocolate flavor with a basically a pudding consistency. Actually pretty good! Like a dessert even without the sugar. The only problem is the texture wasn' great, what with how clumpy the powders got when I mixed it, making little dry bites throughout. I wonder if there's another way to mix it, a different order of ingredients, that would make it smoother. But otherwise I'd say it's a success. I'm really glad, as extending my tolerance of the smoothies will make it easier to stick to my diet.


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